We the UAE, proposes an advanced and integrated social empowerment model that unleashes the potential of our people, contributes in building the spirit of cohesion, harmony, tolerance and giving. This model is embedded in a society that preserves its cultural heritage, national identity and human values, using an education system that instills moral values and enriches knowledge throughout all life stages, and also using an advanced and integrated healthcare system that is available to all with the highest levels of readiness.

Forward Society

An integrated social system that empowers and unleashes the potential of Emiratis, protects cultural heritage, and instills national identity and human values.


A socially empowering ecosystem that unlocks individual capabilities

A socially empowering ecosystem that contributes to the prosperity of individuals, the building of families, and the unleashing of capabilities. This includes ensuring the availability of dignified housing, improving financial stability and providing appropriate job opportunities in economic sectors.


A well-preserved national identity, culture and unwavering values

Preserving the key pillars of the Emirati national identity, in light of the continuously changing environment; for it to remain an authentic identity in its spirit, modern in its development yet able to safeguard the bonds that link all individuals to the Emirati unwavering values.

Other Pillars