We the UAE, an economy that is competitive, growing at exceptional rates, diversified and of high value in new strategic growth areas, excelling in promising future sectors, and confirming the UAE's role as a leading economic power. We stimulate Emirati human potential, and embrace unique minds and attract global talent. We nurture an environment that encourages innovation while abiding by international standards and that is supportive of pioneering research and development. Such an environment is vital for entrepreneurs, and allows for the private sector to play a pivotal role in creating the economy of the future.

Forward Economy

A competitive value-adding, diversified economy that grows at a high rate, that focuses on new strategic areas, excels in well-established key sectors and dominates future potential sectors, while positioning the UAE at the forefront of the digital economy and strengthening its role as a leading force in the energy sector


Highly competitive economic growth

Fast-paced economic growth in partnership with the private sector, achieved by focusing on well-established and promising key national sectors (such as advanced industries, digital economy, IT, communication, services, financial technology, logistical services and tourism).


Leadership in energy sector

An established leader in the global energy sector, deriving maximum value out of its existing oil resources, and accelerating the shift to sustainable energy and green economy.


At the forefront of the sectors and industries of the future

Global force in emerging sectors of the future, such as science and technology e.g., the fourth industrial revolution, space exploration, renewable energy, providing the best supporting infrastructure to boost national competitiveness.

Other Pillars