We the UAE, a significant force in global diplomacy, a trusted bridge for trade and partnerships, and a major contributor to humanitarian relief and peace efforts. A world leader in environmental sustainability, at the forefront of green innovation, and a pioneer for a clean, emissions-free future.

Forward Diplomacy

A significant force in the global economy, a trusted bridge for international trade and partnerships, and a major contributor to development efforts, humanitarian relief and peace, and the building of nations and communities.


An essential player in economic cooperation

Influential power in the global economy, at the center of international trade, partnerships and economic groups and forums.


A leading force for good in the world

Strengthening universal fraternity through providing relief and humanitarian aid as an essential moral duty, as well as leading global dialogue on diversity, tolerance, peace and stability as a first line of defence for security, safety, and future development.


Trusted partner for nation and government capacity building

Supporting nation, institution and community building through sharing experiences and proven development models, and exporting knowledge and know-how.

Other Pillars