We the UAE, the safest and most secure country in the world, with the most connected and efficient infrastructure, adopting the next generation of advanced digital technology, and having a government that is the smartest, most dynamic and agile in the world, capable of achieving the impossible and leading the nation into the future. A nation that meets the needs of the society promptly and efficiently, and preserves human rights and dignity through an advanced legislative and judicial system.

Forward Ecosystem

The world’s smartest, most dynamic and agile government, capable of achieving the impossible and leading the country into the future


A government that creates the future

A government that creates the future, having the best talent and skills to foresee and prepare for it, capable of creating and adopting the latest government models and change tools to create large-scale transformations, leverages the latest technologies, and designs up-to-date and agile policies that enable people, the economy and the nation's competitiveness.


The best government services in the world

A government that achieves digital transformation in services, designs preemptive, seamless, smart and dataenabled personal services for all (individuals and institutions) in partnership with society, and caters to the needs of all customers.


An agile government-centric operating model that achieves results

A continuously up-to-date and developing agile government model, that achieves rapid results, harnesses digital capabilities and acts as a highly efficient and effective platform, that responds to opportunities and challenges.

Other Pillars